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Show them the Federal law concerning broadcast tv, homeowners and their rights. In 1996, The FCC affirmed the rights of homeowners to place recievers on property they own or control.* Check out the FCC ruling here: The law basically states that homeowner association covenants cannot prevent you from installing (OTA) or dishes. The rule “prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of (OTA) used to receive video programming.” *Masts higher than 12 feet above the roofline may be subject to local permitting requirements.

If the answer is YES, I think I know why?

1) Because you are scared to cut the cable or dish  off,  you are not technically inclined.

2) You need TV news, movies etc, at home. Thinking you must pay monthly cable or dish to get it.

3) You do not know about our  ALTERNATIVE. Local channels, Premium, Sports etc.

We can STOP your monthly Bills give more and better TV than you ever had  CLICK HERE

We help our customers to eliminate stress,  helping them to totally stop paying a monthly bill to watch High Definition Television programming  for the rest of their lives. We are the dealership for several equipment necessary to solves this problem. You may not know this that cable is a monopoly system that pays several content providers for the rights to make you pay them to see a program you could get possibly freely. We get you all this and more if you are SERIOUS about SAVING MONEY. This company CEO has over 35 years experience in the Electronics industry. We deliver the product and professional installation service for a one time cost in Florida. No more bills.

No we do not need to.  We provide better programming. National SURVEYS have proven 90% of  current cable channels is useless anyway, only 15-20 is used by normal household. We provide  every clients with a minimum 50 – 70 channels  90 % used or most watched programming, including : News, weather, sports, sitcoms, soaps, movies etc for a one time installation and equipment cost , NO MORE MONTHLY BILLS.    This is much more than the 20 you use out of the 100+  you pay $75 per month for, we help you keep your hard earn money.  We can get you almost any program you need if you are willing cooperate to save money.

NB Every program provider offers is different, so are we, you will be informed of available channels before installation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Your current premium cable bill @ $75 x 12 = $900 / year

For less than the cost of  one year payment = ($35 x 12= $450) that you now pay for Basic TV package to your cable or dish provider we will provide you with 40-70 channels of High Definition programming for a single payment a life time of savings you can not get any where else.

No , we setup the family room television for this price,  it cost $100 dollars more to have all or up to a maximum of 4 televisions working for life.

It is not yet possible to get those paid programs at zero cost via OTA. We do have solutions available if you cannot live without these premium events at a very inexpensive one time purchase. Advance Technology component devices programmed to your requirements with so much more you will be amazed.

We offer a PLUS package with hundreds of free movies and channels for every family television daily movie watchers and teen’s needs.  All at a one time cost.   no more monthly bills

Up to 3 more television  =  3 x $100 = $300 more for all 4 with Basic & Plus movie package.

Please note:  Internet Service is required for PLUS package or Premium Sports and Events.

Also wireless wifi equipment may be needed depending on installation requirement.

Most North Americans cities can access High Definition TV programs using our (OTA) HDTV Outdoor Receivers.

Let us be very clear you CAN NOT  add or remove (select) any channels from the packages given to you by your cable, dish or uverse TV program provider. The same thing applies with LiveHDTV  packages. Your decisions will be based on Savings or continue to pay the for rising cable cost for one special channel.

The consultants will tell you exactly which channels and how many can be delivered upon installation using our carefully selected software and (OTA) equipment’s for your specific location.

Our Consultant will let you know what can be done to meet your specific needs at a minimum cost once you decide to make a purchase.

Simply  because  cable companies take the  LIVE  signals from the providers encode or compress it  loosing quality then sends it over cable lines more loss then uncompress  or decoding the signal  with the cable box creating more loss of quality. With LIVE HD no intelligence or quality is lost it is the best you can ever see

Because we are your new program provider with experienced and Trained Professionals that use the best  test equipment , tools , materials, for best results  providing you with a one stop service that last for years to come with support you cannot get anywhere else in this brand new industry.

Professional Installation and product delivery to save you time, frustration, and money.

Because  you have more important  things to do with your money like saving it and because technology  is now lowering entertainment  cost . you would be lacking wisdom not to want to save money.

No need to be scared, That feeling is called (Cable-I -Tis ) is fear of the unknown your mind telling you it is impossible to let go this a better picture than you get from cable or dish. Go to our website and view the list of LIVE CHANNELS recorded for your peace of mind.  These are actual real time HD pictures taken at a Customer home, you will have the same or better depending on the quality of your television set. We deliver the programming to your screen just as your cable installer did, you may get more or less depending on your  exact  location , you will know before agreeing on the phone to an installation.

Remember you own the equipment and there are no service contracts issued to save you money.  If something happens to go wrong we are here to help.

We do service calls only when necessary@ $39  within a 30 mile radius of our location.

There is a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on our outdoor receivers and indoor parts used & 90 days on labor from the date of installation.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for damages resulting from Acts of God such as lightning, storms .etc or any identifiable tampering since every installation is complete with complete Surge protection inside and outside.

No , we do not, we help clients get out of monthly bills so we do not take payments.

Your current cable or dish tv bill is:

$35.00 /month x 12 = $450 /year  (plus taxes & fees)

$50.00 /month x 12 = $600 /year  (plus taxes & fees)

$75.00 /month x 12 = $900 /year  (plus taxes & fees)

For less than one year payment you will be set for life.

All equipment + installation NO MORE TV bills.

Smart TV , FREE TV Movies, LIFE TIME Access